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One thing to know about FoodCorps AmeriCorps Service Member Meghan Monaghan is that she has collected about 100 four-leaf clovers. With so much good luck stored up, who can doubt that good things will come from her one-year assignment to teach about healthy food culture at schools in northern Michigan?

“I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about food and farming justice and food policy in Northern Michigan and beyond,” Meghan says, “as well as getting to get to know a new community!”

Meghan is deeply passionate about food and environmental justice, as well as mental and physical wellness. “I’m excited to connect what I have learned about nourishing my body and mind and spending time outdoors with my work with Groundwork/FoodCorps to help foster a love within students of their bodies, minds, and environments,” she says.

During her FoodCorps assignment, which last one school year, Meghan will be working with children, teachers, administrators, and parents to cultivate a healthy food culture in the school where she’s working. Day to day, that means working with children in the garden and greenhouse, working with teachers in the classroom on lessons, and working with administrators and parents to put systems in place to help ensure that healthy food habits keep going well into the future.

Good to know


Dual-Bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Health & Society and Spanish, as well as a minor from the Program in the Environment.

In her spare time ...

Meghan likes to run, bike, jump in lakes, experiment with making new coffee drinks, and, yes, search for four-leaf clovers.

Favorite spots in Michigan

Argus Farm Stop in Ann Arbor or Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.


Lots of veggies, hummus, pesto, tofu, and leftovers! I love to challenge myself to make fun meals out of leftovers to avoid contributing to food waste as much as possible.