Meet meg delor

Meet meg delor

Development Director | (231) 651-1882

“I love everything water,” says Meg Delor, Groundwork Director Development Director. “Playing in the water. Being on a boat. Water is my calm and happy place.” Her favorite watercraft? A pontoon boat—the sociable and clear choice for Meg, devoted as she is to gathering and connecting.

Broadly speaking, as Director of Development, Meg’s main mission is to connect—connect the work of Groundwork to the passions and interests of supporters and prospective supporters. She finds her most rewarding moments when she sees the excitement on the faces of supporters “when they see the positive difference their support is making in the community when they make this work possible.”

What motivates Meg is her own desire to make a difference and influence the direction change will take in coming years. “I’ve seen how growth has happened in the last 20 years, in particular—the traffic into and out of Traverse City is astonishing. We need smart growth and sustainable practices in cities and villages. We must protect our water. Local food is so important for health and economic reasons. And climate change. We can see it happening and we have to act now.”

Meg is especially enthused to be at Groundwork as the organization expands its team, reach and impact. “It is rare to be able to come into an organization at a moment like this, an organization that has already done such tremendous things, but is about to do so much more.”

Good to know


Bachelor degree from Central Michigan University, with majors in English and political science.

In her spare time ...

Meg likes to get on or in the water. Sometimes she fishes with her husband, but she won’t get up at 3am to do that.

Favorite spots in northern Michigan

"I love Esch Beach. That’s No. 1 for sure. Second favorite place is where I live. I can go out in the woods for a walk anytime I want to."

Why the prop?

"Sunscreen. I love to be on the water and by the water. But I don’t want a sunburn."

What's always in your fridge?

"Yogurt, mozzella cheese sticks, and beer."


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