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Liv Rollinger

Climate & clean Energy Specialist |

Liv serves as a Climate and Clean Energy Specialist in Groundwork’s Petoskey office.

Her days often include scenes like this: meeting with students and school board members to advance solar energy projects, recommending updates to local zoning ordinances and climate sustainability plans, and connecting with other climate-focused community members to plan initiatives which expand local capacity for renewable energy.

“Since I was a student myself, I've dedicated much of my life to educating others and engaging in actions to reverse climate change, protect our stunning Michigan ecosystems, and empower students to shape their climate future,” Liv says. “In this role with Groundwork, I get to pursue all of these passions in one place and connect with others who are committed to reaching our goals and having a meaningful impact in our communities.”

In Liv’s climate and energy work, one of the biggest goals is connecting and partnering with community members to increase access to renewable energy solutions, like solar, wind, and geothermal. “There’s affordable, clean power coming from the sun, the wind, and the core of the Earth,” she says. “We need to equitably transition to harvesting those sources to power our communities and protect our environment.”

That’s a natural goal for someone who likes to spend hours kayaking through Michigan’s waterways and hiking every chance she gets. One of her current passions is swimming as many days as she can during the summer and seeing how late into the year she can get in the water. Last year, she went swimming in Lake Superior in late October and hopes to achieve a new best this year. “I thrive when I’m outdoors enjoying our most lovely mitten state,” Liv says.

Good to know


Graduated in 2018 from the University of Michigan, from the Program in the Environment and specialized in Sustainable Food Systems and Environmental Outreach.

In her spare time ...

Liv loves to be outside, hiking, kayaking, swimming, bonfires on the beach, ice skating, camping and backpacking, or tending to her own garden. “Being out of doors is my happy place,” she says.

Favorite spots in northern Michigan

Liv's two favorite spots in Michigan are geographic neighbors: Sleeping Bear Point and Good Harbor Beach in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Why the prop?

"I have worn these shoes for so many important days, experiences, and events over the last six years and will continue to wear them until I no longer am able to. I am thankful for all of the places these boots have accompanied me, and safely carried me. They help remind me of all the places I’ve been, professionally and personally, which have allowed me to be the person I am today! They also inspire me to keep putting one boot in front of the other as I walk towards my goals in life and my dreams."