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Lauren Driscoll, FoodCorps/Americorps

As a FoodCorps “School Nutrition Service Member,” Lauren serves 11 school districts through the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District, and is based in Groundwork’s Petoskey office. Lauren works in that nexus where school children and food meet: hands-on lessons in school gardens, healthy taste-tests and cooking demonstrations, and broader farm-to-school initiatives. The theme that weaves all of Lauren's work together? Fostering schoolwide communities of health.

“At Groundwork I’m excited to see the effect we can have as a team on farm to school across the district,” Lauren says. “As we tie more schools to local farms, and teach more kids about gardening and food and their connection to it, I’m certain the movement will find momentum from the infectious excitement I see on kids’ faces every time they try a new vegetable or plant a new native seed.”

Working with students gives Lauren the chance to “see the synapses fly in their brains” as they think of new vegetables, how they grow, and how they connect to a student’s own food preferences and culture. “I’m blessed to watch first-hand as a student picks corn from a Three Sisters Garden, connects it to the food the child eats at home, and ponders ancestors that used the same methods of farming years ago. Seeing this effect in person is such a blessing.”

Good to know


Graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Cultures and Politics, with minors in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Peace and Justice Studies, International Development, and Development in International Agriculture and Natural Resources.

In her spare time ...

Lauren spends free time outside hiking, biking, foraging, frolicking, camping, backpacking, skiing, and basically any activity that involves Mother Nature. “I also love to cook, write poetry, make art, and hang out with any animals I can.”

Favorite spots in northern Michigan

"My favorite backpacking spot in Michigan is Nordhouse Dunes and the Manistee River Trail, and my favorite spot in the area is Fisherman’s Island State Park."

Why the prop?

"I chose my prop, my backpacking chess board, because it combines two of my favorite things- being outside and learning. I love chess and play every day, and I’m outside every day, so my lightweight magnetic chess board is something I always have in my car and ready to take on adventures."