Meet Katie Hajjar



Katie Hajjar came to Groundwork equipped with a degree in horticulture and years of experience as a bookkeeper. It was the ideal blend of interests to guide the financial day-to-day of Groundwork—paying bills and payroll, and helping keep track of donations and sponsorships—while bonding with people who like to grow good things, both literally and metaphorically.

“I’m excited to be a part of the work Groundwork is doing to protect the environment and enrich our community,” Katie says. She sees the connection between her work and life in the way she keenly appreciates Northern Michigan’s clean water, stellar environment and small-town living. “Some of my favorite activities are going for walks with my six-year-old son, and our German shepherds,” she says. “We have lots of favorite spots but mostly walk and bike around our neighborhood.”

With a small child at home, it’s no wonder Katie looks ahead and considers the kind of planet she wants to leave for her son. “I am excited to be a part of a team that is working to protect the environment so we will have clean water in our future,” she says.

Also, Katie’s horticulture studies enable her to quickly understand the value in Groundwork’s local food program, which aims to build a strong local food economy while providing super healthy food to Michigan’s people. “I love how Groundwork connects farmers to communities, and helps Michiganders access healthy food,” she says.

Good to know


Associates of Applied Science from Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) and a horticulture degree from Michigan State

In her spare time ...

Katie likes to walk and bike around the neighborhood with her son and German shepherds, but also likes drawing and playing basketball.

Favorite spot in northern Michigan

Favorite local hiking spot is Dollar Lake, near Williamsburg. "It's a small, isolated area, and is especially beautiful because you hardly run into anyone, and there aren't any houses."

Why the prop?

"I chose to bring my water bottle out of the gratitude I have for having access to a clean abundant water supply, and how fortunate I think most of us are to have the option to choose between bottled water or water from the tap. I like to find ways to reuse common objects in useful ways, instead of buying stuff new and tossing it out. I'm proud of my water bottle because it is an example of a practical way to recycle, instead of buying bottled water and more plastic. It's also an example of how I like to think about things. I love repurposing things."