Meet Kate Madigan

Michigan Climate Action Network DIRECTOR | (231) 633-5353

“I love Michigan,” Kate Madigan says. It’s a plain statement with a lot packed in. For her it means she loves being outdoors in amazing landscapes, biking and skiing with her family, going to the beach, and Euchre on summer nights up north. “I also love our state's history and all it has to offer. My family is from Detroit and Flint, and I've lived in Lansing. I know first-hand that our state is full of hardworking, kind, and innovative people, and there is nowhere I'd rather live,” she says.

In her position as director of the Michigan Climate Action Network (MiCAN), she has a unique opportunity to help ensure the state she loves can thrive long into the future. MiCAN is a network of organizations, businesses, and thousands of people in Michigan who are working for a more rapid and just solution to the climate crisis. “We’re building a stronger climate movement, elevating climate to be a top issue in our state through events, media and social media, and advancing climate solutions—like 100% clean energy goals—at the local and state level,” Kate says.

In 2019 MiCAN made the move to be housed at Groundwork, and Kate is enthused by the possibilities the move presents. “I'm excited about the enthusiasm Groundwork staff and board have shown for continuing to build the Michigan Climate Action Network so we can make an even bigger impact toward our mission!” she says.

Good to know


Bachelor’s of Science in Resource Ecology from the University of Michigan School of Environment and Sustainability. Masters of Arts in Intercultural and International Management from the School for International Training in Vermont.

In her spare time ...

Lately I've been into strength training classes at the Y, raising two active boys, and taking care of our ever-growing number of pets. I also love traveling, and being with friends and extended family.

Favorite spots in northern Michigan

We've lived here for over a decade, and we're still finding new beaches and places to explore. I love spending time in Leland, and we go winter camping in a rustic cabin at Wilderness State Park nearly every year.

Why the prop?

I believe in the saying, "Think globally and act locally," especially when we're talking about climate change, which is very much a global issue. I’ve found it is much easier and faster to make positive change happen locally, in our own communities, and those local actions can have ripple effects that are part of the global solution.

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