Meet Amy Schneider

Meet Amy Schneider

Operations Director | (773) 941-6584 x717

With a young family and being totally immersed in kid time, Amy Schneider doesn’t necessarily have what you might call “free time,” per se. She spends non-work hours navigating a busy agenda of play times, sports events and one kind of performance event or another. And that is precisely why she finds the work she does at Groundwork.

“The things that keep me busy in my free time relate directly to the program areas here at Groundwork because our work is all about making the community a better place for our future generations. I do what I do because I want my kids to have a healthy, resilient community to grow up in, and to grow old in. I want them to be able to eat healthy, local food in their schools. I want them to be able to safely ride their bikes around town. I want renewable energy options to be a regular part of their lives,” she says.

Amy deploys her prodigious organizational talents on managing and developing Groundwork’s systems for internal structure, including human resources.

Good to know


Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Studies from University of Michigan and a Master's in Public Relations from Michigan State University

In her spare time ...

Amy really enjoys reading a good book. “Sitting down with a good fiction story is just about my favorite thing to do,” she says.

Favorite spot in northern Michigan

Her backyard. “I don’t have to do any work to get the family there (no packing or planning), my kids are safe and happy (so I can let down my mommy-guard just a bit), and I can actually sit back and relax.”

Why the prop?

At this point in my life, our lives revolve around our children!

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