Transportation & Community Design

Livable Towns

With your involvement, we can continue working on innovative solutions to tame traffic in Traverse City's downtown and neighborhoods, improving livability and keeping T.C. thriving.

Livable Towns

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the goal of the livable towns program?

We’re focused on two complementary goals: reduce vehicles traveling into Traverse City and reduce vehicles traveling within T.C. itself. We believe we can reduce downtown traffic and parking demand by at least 500 cars daily over three years. We're looking at ways to boost our existing transportation options and also exploring how new mobility services could free up parking spaces and give everyday downtown commuters more options for easily getting around.

What new services will you explore?

Based on best practices in other towns and feedback from employers, multiple options are surfacing as initiatives to explore: Private commuter shuttles, a downtown on-demand shuttle, a circulator shuttle, and a bike share program.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for Groundwork's newsletter for updates on T.C. Mobility Lab and ways you can get involved. Also keep an eye out for the Advocate Academy that we co-produce with Norte. A six-week class taught in late winter, the academy teaches strategies and offers advice for dealing with local government on issues like making a town more walkable and bike-able. You may also contact Groundwork Deputy Director, James Bruckbauer.