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Join Groundwork’s Corporate & Community Partnership Program

November 25, 2022 |

Innovation. Bold optimism. Focus. And a belief that a better world is possible.

These attributes define Groundwork supporters, staff, and board members. And they are the same attributes that define successful, socially conscious business people.

Shared values and a shared mission are why so many business leaders choose to support the work of Groundwork. Groundwork’s community advocates and policy specialists have the expertise, time, and networks to help shape the sustainable future that many business leaders know we need. And business people understand that without corporate sponsors, Groundwork’s remarkable legacy of innovative local solutions and statewide impact would not exist.

Groundwork is “working at every level, state and local, and they know what they are doing,
so we want to help them with their mission.” — Fustini’s

We are writing today to ask you to join our Corporate & Community Partnership Program. In doing so, you will team up with Groundwork and the two dozen corporate sponsors committed to expanding the local food economy, speeding the transition to an equitable clean energy economy, and enshrining principles of walkable, bike-able, accessible design into Michigan towns and cities.

Since 1995, supporters have empowered Groundwork to lead with solutions based on the principle that a clean environment, strong economy, and healthy communities can all rise together—and a more resilient, sustainable, and thriving Michigan will come of it.

Please walk with us on this remarkable journey, and join our Corporate & Community Partnership Program today.Groundwork logo for story end

Stephanie Prall, Development Specialist