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FREE! Stream Videos From Our Recent Michigan Climate & Clean Energy Summit

July 16, 2021 |

Above photo: One of 70 speakers at the Michigan Climate & Clean Energy Summit, Bryan Lewis, executive director of EcoWorks, shared thoughts on the panel session “Cities and Communities Leading on Climate.”

It seems that with each passing week we read of yet another reason to put yet another exclamation point after the words “global warming.” The latest news that brought the exclamation points was the heat wave that recently hit the Great Northwest, bringing temperatures so severe it killed billions of marine animals. Sea stars, one of the most resilient species we know of—dating back at least 450 million years—were dying off due to heat stress. Meanwhile, Death Valley set a new heat record: 130 degrees, the highest temperature ever reliably recorded anywhere on Earth. And you may have already heard that Michigan, with its Great Lakes ecosystem, has warmed 33% more than the other states in the Lower 48.

It’s difficult to read these things. We naturally want to turn away. But we cannot. We must engage and push for the change our planet needs, the change our families need.

The recent Michigan Climate & Clean Energy Summit, co-led by Jim Lively, of Groundwork, and Kate Madigan, of Michigan Climate Action Network, was all about making that needed change—70 speakers, 400 attendees, and a gazillion great ideas all aimed at giving a clear-eyed assessment of global warming challenges and creating a bold vision for solving them to carry Michigan to a net zero carbon future.

If you missed the Summit, we have good news for you today, because we have made available for FREE videos of 14 sessions of the Michigan Climate & Clean Energy Summit!

Tap into ideas from our nation’s top policy leaders, such as Kelly Speakes-Backman, Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy, and our two U.S. senators, high-school climate leader Naina Agrawal-Hardin, electric vehicle insiders, power grid experts, and Michigan legislators looking for common ground on climate legislation.

Pick and choose or stream every minute—you’ll come away with fresh insight, optimism, and ideas for taking action and building an equitable clean energy future.

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