10 cents a meal: the remarkable journey

For more than seven years, Diane Conners led the fight for statewide funding for 10 Cents a Meal, which puts healthy, locally grown food into school cafeterias and supports local farm families. Here’s the backstory.

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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Let’s make local happen. And let’s make it happen from the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula to Luna Pier, on the Ohio Border. Does it feel a bit counterintuitive to say let’s make local happen statewide? We don’t think so.

Spring 2021 Newsletter

When I was a college kid at MSU I bought my first flyrod from a guy named Rusty Gates, who owned a lodge and fly shop on the Au Sable River. He was friendly and helped me find the right rod. And I remember him getting serious when I was leaving the shop and making a point to tell me that trout streams were fragile and I needed to join the fight to protect them.

Fall 2020 Newsletter

How the Millikens shaped our foundational principles, and memories of the knock at the door that led Keith Schneider to create our predecessor organization, The Michigan Land Use Institute. Plus thoughts from our partners on our 25 years of innovative, local-based solutions for a thriving Michigan!

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