Exciting lineup! Culinary Medicine Training in Traverse City

August 27, 2019 |

Groundwork is excited to partner with Munson Healthcare and the Great Lakes Culinary Institute for a premier training opportunity in the emerging field of Culinary Medicine, September 26–29, on the shore of Grand Traverse Bay, in Traverse City, Michigan.

The training, which has up to 17.5 CME credits available for physicians, nurses and dietitians, is part of the “Farms, Food & Health Conference, with Culinary Medicine Training.” (Scholarships are now available. Apply thru September 6 on the conference registration page, FarmsFoodHealth.org.)

The Culinary Medicine Training track will offer health care providers opportunity to receive immersive continuing medical education trainings in a professional kitchen setting alongside chefs and dietitians to explore local food and culinary skills, and gain updates on nutrition science and nutrition counseling. The goal: to harness the health potential of locally grown food to improve the well-being of patients, families and communities.
National and regional faculty members will be present for networking.

One past physician attendee wrote to me, enthused after seeing the September conference line-up: I’ll be sharing the conference info with the integrative medicine TC group!” — Dr. Angela Pohl, DO, Partners in Health, Traverse City

See the complete agenda, keynote speaker bios, and registration information at FarmsFoodHealth.org.

Scroll down for a sample of culinary medicine training sessions and a list of keynote presenters.

Proudly partnering with Munson Healthcare, and Great Lakes Culinary Institute.

Oryana Community Co-op Kitchen: Local Vegetables, Worlds of Flavor
This 90-minute kitchen session will educate physicians and other health care providers about the bounty of vegetables grown in our state and ways to utilize our local food system to support patient access to these ingredients for optimal diets. Making half of our plates plants will be a flavorful joy! We allow time to cook with local foods while learning basic culinary techniques including knife skills, traditional mise en place, chopping and cutting techniques. Discussion will include simple solutions for keeping and maintaining a well-stocked pantry, and tips for patient engagement. Participants will cook local food–based recipes for quick and healthy meals that align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the ChooseMyPlate.gov graphic—the guiding principles for healthful diets and disease management.

Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars Kitchen: Local and Ancient Grain Techniques
This 90-minute kitchen session will educate physicians and other health care providers about ancient and whole grains, including some grown in Michigan. Participants will cook and taste grains—how many can you name? Whole grains are the cornerstone of the DASH Diet and deserve more attention in our kitchens. In addition, whole grains and fermentable carbohydrates are key to promoting digestive health by feeding our gut mirco-biome. They are a great way to increase plant-based proteins and daily dietary fiber intakes. What’s not to love? Whole grains can be a challenge for our patients to cook, and sometimes accept, into the diet. We will discuss selecting the right grain for the recipe, review pre-cooking preparations that some grains require (to rinse or not to rinse?) and storage options and uses for leftovers. Recipes in the session will help us practice cooking techniques to enhance texture and flavor acceptance for a successful meal outcome.

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